The Future of Social Media and Restaurants: From Twitter to X

In today’s technologically driven era, the restaurant industry is no stranger to the digital space’s influence. With social media platforms leading the charge, there has been a profound impact on how eateries connect with their patrons and curate dining experiences. Twitter, for many years, has been the go-to platform for instant updates, check-ins, reviews, andContinue reading “The Future of Social Media and Restaurants: From Twitter to X”

Want to Open a New Restaurant?

Restaurant Development encompasses all the stages of opening a new restaurant including: site procurement, design, branding, architectural design, FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) and construction. At Goliath we can guide you through the process with vendors we have vetted, that will work within your budget. Contact us at: Visit our website:

What is Restaurant Consulting?

Whether you want to unveil a whole new restaurant concept in your market or simply upgrade your menu, Goliath Consulting Group offers a full suite of restaurant consulting services to independent restaurant operators and chains. As your process partner, Goliath will guide you through the steps to create, open and run your restaurants. We’ll leverageContinue reading “What is Restaurant Consulting?”

Business and Financial Planning with INTERACT Restaurant Model

Business and financial plans are not something that a great number of independent restaurant operators spend time or money on prior to opening their restaurants.  We believe that financial plans must be completed before buying property or leasing a space for a new restaurant.  Why?  Because when you “run the numbers” some locations are notContinue reading “Business and Financial Planning with INTERACT Restaurant Model”

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