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Goliath Consulting Group Welcomes Chef Christopher Gianino to Our New Nashville Office

Welcome to the team, Christopher Gianino! Goliath Consulting Group is a full-service restaurant consultancy based in Atlanta, GA, for those new to our business. We are committed to our range of client services, and welcome Christopher to the team as our Chef Consultant to help us towards our goal of allowing us to focus our efforts on existing and new clients in Nashville, TN, and Louisville, KY areas. Christopher has over 20 years of experience in the food service industry. In those years, he developed various techniques and valuable knowledge to help us significantly in areas such as streamlining operationsContinue reading “Goliath Consulting Group Welcomes Chef Christopher Gianino to Our New Nashville Office”

Restaurant Supply Chain Issues Continue into 2023

Grain and Cooking Oil Shortage Ukraine and Russia are the biggest suppliers of cooking oil. Since the war between Ukraine and Russia started, there has been intensified supply chain problems with food and other items. Both countries export around two-thirds of sunflower oil in the world.1 Since this supply chain has been disrupted, the US, UK, Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands, and India have faced significant difficulties locating sunflower and vegetable oils.2 According to the US Agriculture Department data, “thirty-five percent of the world’s production of vegetable oil is palm oil, 29 percent is soybean, 14 percent is canola, and 9 percentContinue reading “Restaurant Supply Chain Issues Continue into 2023”

How Digital Hiring Platforms Help Short-Staffed Restaurants

Some employers are finding the traditional process of hiring employees ineffective. Digital hiring platforms have made it easy to find employees and fulfill the need for more staff. The conventional way of hiring used to happen through HR and hiring managers after reviewing the stacks of resumes. Managers would look through piles of resumes and go through many interviews just to find their perfect candidate. Thanks to digital hiring platforms and social media networks, it is easier for hiring managers to discover who they need. Digital hiring platforms now give employers the option to search for potential candidates worldwide throughContinue reading “How Digital Hiring Platforms Help Short-Staffed Restaurants”

Digital Training is Essential for Restaurant Employees

Technological advances have been rapidly transforming in the past few years. As more companies transition to being fully remote or transitioning into hybrid workplaces, advances in AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity continue to transform the workplace. However, the problem with the rapid technological advances is that people haven’t been able to catch up to the most recent updates. Although even with the rapid technological advances that seem challenging to keep up with, employers need to keep themselves up to date and, most notably, their employees up to date with these changes. Therefore, adapting digital training should significantly improve many employees’Continue reading “Digital Training is Essential for Restaurant Employees”

Inflation is Changing the Ways Restaurants Operate

As everything gets more expensive, consumers are panicking, and business owners are in a predicament. To cover supply chain costs, restaurant owners need to raise their prices. However, will raising these prices cause them to lose some loyal customers who cannot afford it anymore? With any shift in costs, business owners will see the effect it has on profitability. However, since inflation is impacting all businesses throughout the nation, and some parts of the world at a much faster rate than it was it the past, business owners are rapidly adapting to these drastic economic shifts. Restaurant inflation overview AccordingContinue reading “Inflation is Changing the Ways Restaurants Operate”

The World of Hybrid Restaurants

Over the past few years, restaurants from all over the world have been incorporating different types of technology and new changes. Since COVID-19, restaurants have joined in the trend of contactless payments, contactless ordering systems, ghost kitchens, and now hybrid restaurants. What is a hybrid restaurant? A hybrid restaurant is a mixed-format restaurant and has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Hybrid restaurants provide food sections in which customers can sit down and enjoy a meal or a drink, and then they can make their way to the market section where they can buy “take-home and takeout andContinue reading “The World of Hybrid Restaurants”

Summer Food Trends of 2022

Spring is still blooming, but summer food trends are brewing. Restaurant chefs are ready to reconnect with their kitchen to create new recipes for the steaming hot weather in the next few months. However, due to supply chain issues and food shortages, chefs are doing their best to work with what they have. Thanks to social media, there are new food hacks, and you can always find a trending food item or recipe there. Here’s what we think will be popping up in restaurants this summer of 2022. Plant-based and Meat-free Foods According to a recent Lending Tree survey, itContinue reading “Summer Food Trends of 2022”

Change of Payment Methods in Restaurants

Since the pandemic, restaurants and other businesses have adapted to many changes throughout the years, and this includes payment methods. The most common ways of paying are through cash, credit card, or debit. However, this has changed in recent years. The pandemic caused many restaurant and fast-food owners to think of new ways to incorporate safety measures when coming in close contact with customers. Since then, different ways of paying have changed to contactless payments, paying through crypto, and more. Although, the trend toward cashless payment has been a growing trend due to the number of people who now haveContinue reading “Change of Payment Methods in Restaurants”

Loyalty Programs for Restaurants

Why you should consider adding a loyalty program for your restaurant. Loyalty programs are an essential tool to have in a business. According to Gartner, 80% of future revenues come from 20% of your current customers.1 In addition, it was found that 78% of customers are more likely to continue to spend on a business if they have a customer loyalty program.2 Ease of use: Loyalty programs should not be difficult to navigate for the customer, or for you and your employees. However, most loyalty programs are easy to use, and customers are familiar with the concept already. Loyalty programsContinue reading “Loyalty Programs for Restaurants”

Cryptocurrency in the Restaurant Industry

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that use cryptography to secure transactions and prevent counterfeiting and fraud. How does it work? According to Alison Conner of Edible Tampa Bay, “Crypto comes with a built-in ledger system, a database called the blockchain, which stores a record of every currency transaction ever made. Records on the blockchain are accessible to everyone, which allows crypto users to track the movement of any money they spend.”1 Currently, the three most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. However, the most common crypto that is currently being accepted by restaurants is Bitcoin. In addition, around 49% ofContinue reading “Cryptocurrency in the Restaurant Industry”

The Benefits of Food Lockers for Your Restaurant

History of Automats Food lockers, also known as Automats, were created in the late 19th century in Berlin but didn’t grow in its popularity until the 20th century for restaurants and fast food.1 Even so, the popularity since then has died down, but it’s slowly making a comeback. In the early 20th century, Automats were vending-machine style restaurants and a waiter-less service. These machines were coin-operated food lockers that contained beverages and hot food.2 In 1902, “Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart opened their first Automat named Horn and Hardart.”3 This was the first Automat in the United States, and itContinue reading “The Benefits of Food Lockers for Your Restaurant”

Trending Restaurant Technology of 2022

The restaurant industry has been slowly adopting new innovative technology and digital solutions as of recent. Since 2020, this has led to an increase of new technology systems for restaurants and helped them adapt to a new digital reality. Technology and digital systems have helped many restaurants over the years, especially during 2020 and 2021. There has been new systems and new changes made in touchless payments, online ordering, contactless pickup, and more. QR codes QR codes have been mentioned a few times in our blogs. They are similar to bar codes, but QR codes are different in which theyContinue reading “Trending Restaurant Technology of 2022”


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