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QR Codes and Digital Menus are Transforming the Restaurant Business

Once the lockdown restrictions were lifted, many people were still concerned about their health and safety when dining at restaurants. This concern caused many restaurants to move towards the widespread use of QR codes and digital menus. Having said that, experts say that this kind of technology will probably still around long after the pandemic ends.1 QR codes and digital menus allow for customers to order food and beverages at restaurants and avoid touching physical menus that may or may not have been sanitized properly. Customers are able to scan the QR code, which redirects them to the restaurant’s websiteContinue reading “QR Codes and Digital Menus are Transforming the Restaurant Business”

Holiday Beverage Trends:
Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Alcohol To-Go

This holiday season, entering into 2022, there may be more people staying home by themselves and not travel as much to visit their families. This means that more people are looking for ways to make their holidays easier. If spending it by themselves or with a small group of people, they may be looking for restaurants that have the options of to-go meals and to-go alcoholic beverages. To-go alcoholic beverages are growing in popularity, starting in 2020 when the pandemic first hit, and everyone was forced to stay home and quarantine themselves. In 2020, more than 35 states allowed theirContinue reading “Holiday Beverage Trends:
Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Alcohol To-Go”

Winter Food and Beverage Trends 2021

Although it’s only October, people everywhere are preparing for the winter, more specifically, Christmas. The winter months can be somewhat unbearable depending on where you live, but there’s no doubt that winter foods and festivities brings a positive feeling to almost everyone. Without a doubt, more people will find themselves eating a lot more than they usually do. You might find yourself baking more and making more hearty meals as the temperature starts to drop more. However, this is a normal thing that happens to most of us as the temperature drops. According to Ira Ockene, a cardiologist from atContinue reading “Winter Food and Beverage Trends 2021”

Why you should optimize your Google My Business page

To gain more visibility on Google, many businesses have created a Google Business Page. Google My Business is a free tool for business owners to use. Google My Business enables you to manage and optimize your Business Profile on Google.1 It also allows you to use Google My Business listings and advanced SEO tools. Furthermore, Google My Business is often the first place most customers go to look for information about a company.2 This includes information such as business store hours, openings at new locations, health and safety protocols, and to read what other customers have to say about yourContinue reading “Why you should optimize your Google My Business page”

Restaurants are Building their Popularity Through TikTok

Social media allows real-time reaction and feedback from customers. A majority of U.S. consumers use social media to search for new businesses, discover new people, and to post their thoughts on a company.1 Restaurant business owners know how important social media is, which is why many are promoting their businesses through Instagram and Facebook. However, they should also look towards building their presence on an app called, TikTok. Many restaurants around the United States have drastically increased in popularity, some are even willing to travel to these restaurants. A restaurant in Denver, Colorado has increased in popularity due to oneContinue reading “Restaurants are Building their Popularity Through TikTok”

Social Media Marketing – How to Successfully Promote your Restaurant

It’s now the standard that business owners use social media to promote their businesses. Restaurant owners, especially, must be focused on marketing their products on social media. Social media is an important influence on a consumer’s buying decisions. In the U.S., it was reported that 45% of diners tried a restaurant for the first time because of a post they saw on social media.1 On Instagram, there are over 400 million posts with the hashtags: #food and #drinks.2 “According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social media users use social media to research products, and 71% are more likely to purchase productsContinue reading “Social Media Marketing – How to Successfully Promote your Restaurant”

Robotics in the Food Industry

Artificial intelligence robots are taking over the food industry and the world. Artificial intelligence robots are designed to do a variety of different tasks such as integrating data information, analyzing data, and decision-making.1 These robots make decisions using real-time data using sensors, digital data, and stored information from a variety of sources.2 As artificial intelligence advances, so does the automation of food services. According to Tara McHugh, a research leader for the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), she states that the use of robotics has increased approximately 40% for palletizing operations and 26% are for food and beverage.3 Manufacturers inContinue reading “Robotics in the Food Industry”

Fall 2021 Food & Beverage Trends

“In 2020, new food and drink line extensions plummeted by 29% versus the prior three-year average in multi-outlet retailers and convenience stores, per an innovation report from IRI.”1 Due to the pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty of what to expect in the months to come and unpredictability. However, when it comes to fall, food trends are a lot easier to predict. When people think of fall, they think of pumpkin spice, apple cider, Thanksgiving dinner, comfort, and Halloween. Therefore, people are going to be wanting to try new food and drinks based on comfort and all of whatContinue reading “Fall 2021 Food & Beverage Trends”

Navigating the Supply Chain in the Restaurant Industry

Since the start of the pandemic, safety measures such as social distancing, lockdowns and mask-wearing have completely changed our understanding of how consumers spend on food. We saw customers stockpiling on groceries and supplies in homes instead of going out to eat, raising retail sales by 29 percent over the previous year (1). Meanwhile, sales at cafes, fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, and casual-dining establishments fell by 27 percent. According to this McKinsey Report, these “changes in consumer behavior continue to ripple through the US food and agricultural supply chains” even today (1). That’s because the supply chain is similar toContinue reading “Navigating the Supply Chain in the Restaurant Industry”

Summer 2021 Food & Beverage Trends

With the pandemic and climate change being hot topics in recent months, Summer 2021 will have guests wanting to see more healthy and sustainable items on their menu. As a result, there will be a significant push for plant-based dishes and those featuring natural and functional ingredients from elderberries to turmeric. Here we share some of the major food and beverage trends operators can expect this upcoming season.

Important Updates on the Employee Retention Tax Credit for Employers

If you’re a small restaurant or business with 500 or fewer employees and you’ve had more than a 20% decline of gross receipts in a quarter compared to 2019, you may be interested in hearing about this latest news regarding the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). And thanks to the new provision in the law, yes, this applies even if you’ve already applied for the first or second draw PPP loan.


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