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Here’s an overview of the services we offer. If it’s related to the restaurant industry – we know how to get it done or know someone that does. Our contacts in the industry are coast and cover every facet of the restaurant world. It’s our connections in conjunction with our knowledge of the industry that brings the value that our clients expect.

Creating or revising a menu? Need help with sourcing ingredients? Getting the most sales and profits out of your menu is a process that has no less than six steps to completion. At Goliath we can help with every area of menu development.

Every restaurant needs a brand strategy and business strategy document whether you have just one location or one thousand. Our strategic planning process takes a holistic look at your restaurant concept and we create a plan with you based on your vision and resources.

Restaurant Development encompasses all the stages of opening a new restaurant include: site procurement, design, architectural design, FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) and construction. At Goliath we can guide you through the process with vendors we have vetted, that will work within your budget.

Many times, the first step to finding out what is holding back growth in sales, profits or units is to conduct a restaurant assessment. A restaurant assessment is a holistic look at the operations from top to bottom including financials, people, menu, operations and the facility. The recap of the assessment becomes the blue print for building sustainable sales and profits for the restaurant.

Breakthrough marketing that brings in more guests and drives increased average check is vital to a restaurant’s success. We are experts in marketing on a local, regional and national basis and know how to link marketing and operations to build your business.

Looking to franchise? We can help you determine if you’re ready for franchising and then help you build all the components of your franchise company. Own a franchise company and looking for help? Let us help identify solutions for success put the systems in place to grow your brand. Want to know which franchise to buy? Goliath Consulting Group can align you with the brands that makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

Don’t have time to manage your purchasing, monitor your pricing and search for new products? We do. Let us help you reduce your food and paper cost by managing your distributor and supplier relationships. Get the best price for the quality products that fit your brand.

Food safety, inventory control, menu management, security, sanitation, cash management, hiring, onboarding, training and more! No matter if you have one restaurant or one hundred – you have to have systems and controls in place to be successful long-term. At Goliath we customize systems that will work in your restaurant. Every brand has unique characteristics that determine how systems are modeled and implemented.

Equipment that matches your operation maximizes your investment and long term profitability. At Goliath, we’ll help you source the right equipment for your kitchen and leverage our industry relationships to get you the best price too!

Based on your brand and its unique procedures, we design and write training manuals, kitchen manuals, marketing manuals, policy manuals and operations manuals. That’s a lot of manuals. These manuals can be moved online into integrated training solutions as well.

Need a concept vetted? We can answer these questions and more for you. Is this site viable for my brand? Is this restaurant a good investment? Which brand is trending and has the best long-term ROI? This also includes evaluations of your restaurant in specific areas such as P&L/financial health, marketing, food safety, training and other functional areas of the restaurant.

Training is a central focus of what we do. This can include: training on current food service code, management training manuals, new product/procedure rollout guides and service training procedures. There is an element of training in almost everything we do.

Technology is an integral part of restaurant operations today. We provide insight on which technologies are best suited to your restaurant. At the NRA we spend a full day each year meeting with POS providers, app builders, food costing software vendors, cloud reporting companies and other category leaders. Throughout the year we look for the best technology solutions that can both increase productivity and bottom line results.

Need to get someone oversee and implement a new product rollout, new processes, training programs, restaurant development and more? We can be the resource for your chain to get it done. Our experience is in projects big and small.

When you first get your chain going, you don’t have the financial resources to hire everyone to cover every business function. At Goliath we can fill that role for you on a part-time/retainer basis. Lending you our expertise and skill set in all the areas listed on this page while you focus on what you do best.

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