Posted by: Jay Bandy | June 16, 2014

Elle PR & Events Partners with Goliath Consulting Group

From Noelle Jackson, Founder of Elle PR & Events:

Some of you may have heard that I recently founded a public relations and corporate events consultancy, Elle PR & Events. I’m excited to share my partnership with Jay Bandy of Goliath Consulting Group, an esteemed firm with over 20 years success in making restaurant and retail organizations profitable. This is a great opportunity for me to reconnect with those I have worked with in the past, and get started on some new projects with Goliath. We look forward to combining our skills and experience to make Elle PR & Events a premier consulting firm within the Atlanta area.

Here’s a snapshot of what we do:

Elle PR & Events specializes in presenting your business in the best possible light and reaching its target audience through creative marketing, relationship building and special event management. As the principal of Elle PR, my industry experience, work ethic and commitment to continued learning have proven effective, and are reflected through my clients’ successes. Areas of service include: public relations/marketing, corporate events and social media management. The Goliath team specializes in restaurant consulting with a focus on business planning, restaurant profitability, improving operations/training and restaurant development; and this strategic partnership has strengthened our ability to support clients in achieving their business goals, and ultimately in becoming more profitable.

For more details please call or email me.  There is also more information on Goliath Consulting Group’s website at:

Noelle Jackson

Founder, Elle PR & Events

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