Goliath Consulting Group: Restaurant Services Overview

Goliath Consulting Group is a restaurant consulting company offering a full suite of services to independent restaurant operators and restaurant chains.  At Goliath, we guide restaurant owners through the process of opening and running their restaurants. The benefits are lower costs, opening on-time and running a more profitable restaurant.  We leverage our experience working with single store operators and multi-unit chains both inside and outside the franchise industry. Our business website is www.goliathconsulting.com.

 At Goliath, we have been busy building our team and adding some additional services that our clients have been asking for us in the marketing and social media arena, HR support tools, business planning tools just to name a few. We have either acquired tools or found industry leaders to offer these services to our clients. Our core list of services now includes:

  • Restaurant Development including Site Analysis, Construction Management and Opening Support
  • Brand Strategy, Marketing and Social Media
  • Business Planning and Strategy using the Five Pillar System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Menu Analysis including Pricing, Recipes and Design
  • Restaurant Profitability Analysis Taking a Holistic View of the Restaurant and Systems
  • Training Manuals and Classes
  • Develop Operational Systems and Manuals

Contact us for more details on how we can help your business grow sales and profits: getresults@goliathconsulting.com

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Published by Jay Bandy

As President of Goliath Consulting Group, Jay bridges the areas of operations, marketing, supply chain, and restaurant development. He has a combined 20 plus years experience working among these disciplines with McDonald's USA, RTM, and BLIMPIE. At Goliath Consulting Group, Jay is responsible for working with all members of the Goliath team to deliver results that exceed client expectations. An expert in understanding how the components of restaurant operating systems tie together; he will make sure that the team maximizes the opportunity for growing sales, profit and unit growth based on each client's vision.

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