2023 Restaurant Training Trends

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The restaurant industry has been rapidly changing in recent years. Rapid growth has been a double-edged sword for many restaurants around the world. However, with the fast changes in the industry, it’s essential to hire qualified employees and get them up to speed as quickly as possible to implement monumental success.

In recent federal reports, the restaurant industry lost around 6 million jobs in 2020, and restaurants have struggled to get fully staffed.1 Although the industry is slowly regaining the employees lost three years ago.

However, the new wave of employees is a younger crowd without restaurant experience. This is because the pandemic prevented many younger people (specifically the Gen-Z demographic) from obtaining jobs due to the pandemic’s restrictions.

Because of the change in employee demographics and relative inexperience, more restaurants are now moving away from traditional training. They are currently searching for new training systems that include different learning and portability modes.

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Engaging Content

Gen-Z is more accustomed to screen-based learning. Even before the pandemic, schools implemented screen-based learning, which increased student participation in school projects, homework, and better grades on exams due to more engaging online study methods.

Therefore, restaurants should eliminate most paper-based learning from the traditional training method and focus more on building engaging training content through digital training programs. Technology plays a significant role in the success of digital training; however, if the content isn’t interesting or stimulating enough, the training will not be effective.

Data Training Systems

Digitalizing training is all trial and error. Whether your restaurant has web-based or mobile-app training, the system your restaurant decides to use must collect valuable data that helps you customize your digital training platform to best suit your employees and business.

For example, choosing a platform that will deliver a virtuous feedback loop is crucial. A virtual feedback loop will allow employees to submit their feedback. The platform will also collect data from each module and send it to managers for review.

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Offline Training Options

Digital training should have options for offline training so employees can complete their training while traveling or when they cannot get the best signal to complete a module. This allows employees easy access to new information via quizzes, training videos, games, and more without worrying about their progress not being saved due to losing signal.

Let’s Talk

Happy New Year! May this year bring along many new achievements and success for you and your business.

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