Goliath Consulting Group Welcomes Chef Christopher Gianino to Our New Nashville Office

Welcome to the team, Christopher Gianino! Goliath Consulting Group is a full-service restaurant consultancy based in Atlanta, GA, for those new to our business. We are committed to our range of client services, and welcome Christopher to the team as our Chef Consultant to help us towards our goal of allowing us to focus our efforts on existing and new clients in Nashville, TN, and Louisville, KY areas.

Christopher has over 20 years of experience in the food service industry. In those years, he developed various techniques and valuable knowledge to help us significantly in areas such as streamlining operations and production improvement. In turn, it will help us create concepts and procedures to help restaurants and other food businesses reach their fullest potential.

Jay Bandy, President of Goliath Consulting Group, stated, “Chris is a fantastic addition to our culinary team at Goliath Consulting Group and allows us to better serve our clients in Nashville, Louisville, and other midsouth markets.”

Founded in 2009, Goliath Consulting Group provides the tools and knowledge to restaurant operators to make their locations more profitable. We work closely with individual clients to ensure they have full access to tools, management knowledge, profitability assessments, brand development, marketing advice, industry knowledge, and more to make their restaurants successful and profitable. We have clients that range from independent restaurants to multi-national chains and are located in Europe, the Middle East, and across the United States.

If you want more information, you may contact Christopher Gianino at chris.gianino@goliathconsulting.com or visit www.goliathconsulting.com.

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