Why You Should Expand Your Restaurant and Bar’s Mocktail Menu

Mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages are growing in popularity throughout the years amongst Millennials and Gen-Zers. “59% of millennials cite avoiding loss of control as the primary motivation for limiting alcohol consumption on a night-out.”1

According to research studies conducted by FiorMarkets, non-alcoholic drinks are expected to grow eight percent per year across the globe through 2028.2 Moreover, the trend of non-alcoholic beverages are expected to continuously grow, especially in countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, and Brazil.3

In addition, around 33% of Americans do not drink alcohol.4 This means “one out of every three guests at your home, your restaurant or your bar may be searching for a “zero proof” option.”5

However, this does not mean that your menu must have boring drinks and random juice items. Mocktails are a good and creative way to still add to the vibe of your restaurant or bar by mimicking the classic cocktails already on your menu, or you can add a different creative twist.

Furthermore, “as many people have chosen to abstain from alcohol for one reason or another, restaurants and bars have quickly realized that expertly-crafted mocktails are a perfect way to keep from excluding these people in a group full of drinkers.”6

The advantages of adding mocktails to your menu

There are advantages to adding non-alcoholic beverages to your restaurant or bar’s menu. As said before, there is a growing number of people who are becoming more health-conscious, so providing alcohol-free beverages increases the likelihood of those consumers visiting again because offering these different beverage choices creates a more inclusive environment in your restaurant or bar.

Expanding your mocktail menu also increases revenue in your restaurant or bar. Mocktails can carry a higher price tag than the regular sodas or juices offered in most restaurants due to them being considered “specialty drinks.”7

Mocktails limit waste in restaurants as well because you can use the ingredients you already have on hand such as mint, club soda, ginger beer, simple syrups, etc.

Furthermore, mocktails can still pair well with your menu items if done correctly. You can simply stick to the classics, just avoid the alcohol, and substitute it with options such as ginger beer, club soda, or sparkling water.

Having said that, being creative can change the game for mocktails and can allow you to become well-known for that specific drink in your restaurant alone.


The benefits of mocktails are that you do not need to buy any unnecessary ingredients or tools. Many of these items are things that you may already have in your bar or restaurant due to the simplicity of them.

Simple syrups are the basic formula for most cocktails and mocktails. Over 50% of mocktail recipes will use simple syrups or fruit syrups in their recipes.8 To save money on getting this ingredient, you can make your own.

Mixers are also popular for non-alcoholic beverages. Club soda, tonic water, ginger ale, and ginger beer are great alternatives when opting out alcohol from the classic drinks like margaritas and martinis.

Any fruit juice is handy to have when making these mocktail drinks. Most mocktails are just a spin on classic cocktails, so ingredients will be available when creating recipes in your restaurant or bar.

Bar Tools

The supplies you will need are simple, and if you already have alcoholic beverages or a bar in your restaurant, then you do not need to worry about getting much else.

It is advisable that you separate the things you use for your alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks, and if you wish to have separate equipment.

Water sparklers can be useful if you do not want to spend a lot on buying sparkling water for your non-alcoholic beverages. The machines are costly, but they can save your restaurant money on supplies in the future.

Like with any mixed drink, it is essential to have cocktail shakers on hand. Cocktail shakers make it easier for bartenders to mix and combine ingredients together rather than worrying about stirring it.


Overall, mocktails can help boost your restaurant or bar’s revenue, increase consumer traffic, gain recognition in the community you are in, and create a more inclusive environment for your customers. Having options available is crucial to meeting the demands of today’s consumers.

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