Summer Cocktail Trends 2023

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The summer heat calls for fun in the sun. Whether traveling to the beach on a relaxing vacation or chilling out by the pool, cocktails and interactive drinks are what people will gravitate toward this summer.

A fun way to cool off is to take a sip of some refreshing, cold cocktails that will help with the heat and add to the fun of summer. People might look to TikTok for inspiration, so be ready to share some of your restaurant’s drinks there! Read on and discover this year’s trending summer cocktails based on what bartenders and tastemakers say.

Negroni Sbagliato

This drink was all the hype and will continue to be the hype in 2023. Thanks to House of the Dragon’s actress Emma D’Arcy, this drink has been all the rave with TikTokers and fans of HBO Max’s original fantasy show. The actress announced that the Negroni Sbagliato is her favorite cocktail, and bartenders have been experiencing a high volume of Sbagliato requests.

The Negroni is a famous cocktail invented in Milan, Italy, in the early 70s.1 The Sbagliato subs out gin for prosecco, bringing the strong taste of the alcohol down. It’s a lighter, refreshing, and fruitier drink, making it the perfect cocktail in the summer heat.

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There’s nothing more classic than a margarita or a whiskey sour. Sours are usually super simple drinks for bartenders, making them very versatile. Margaritas will most likely be the drink for many on a summer vacation.

Depending on how it’s made, the drink can be adjusted and made sweeter, or sour based on preference. It can be blended into a frozen cocktail or enjoyed on the rocks. It’s a trending classic.

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Hidden Taste of Alcohol

Older Gen-Z is starting to drink, and they’re ready to party this summer. Those new to drinking often prefer light beers or fruity drinks to mask the taste of strong alcohol. Green tea shots and liquid marijuanas are trending cocktails in 2023. These drinks have the perfect blend of sweet and sour with a touch of alcohol.

Green tea shot, also known as “Jameson Green Tea,” is a famous whiskey-based cocktail with peach schnapps.2 Some even opt for lemon and lime juice with simple syrup or agave. Liquid Marijuana, another green drink, is a rum-based cocktail with melon liqueur, blue curacao, and sours with pineapple juice.

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Martinis are simple and can get the fun started in no time for cocktail lovers this summer. The classic, dry martinis are not going out of style yet, but sweet vodka martinis are more in-style for the summer.

Flavors like lychee, strawberry, pomegranate, and lemon are the trending fruity flavors. However, espresso martinis have been a famous dinner cocktail and have been making a comeback. Espresso martinis have an intense and bold flavor. Still, the drink has a subtle sweetness to it as well, making it the perfect drink to pair with a dessert like a tiramisu or chocolate mousse.

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