Summer Cocktail Trends 2023

The summer heat calls for fun in the sun. Whether traveling to the beach on a relaxing vacation or chilling out by the pool, cocktails and interactive drinks are what people will gravitate toward this summer. A fun way to cool off is to take a sip of some refreshing, cold cocktails that will helpContinue reading “Summer Cocktail Trends 2023”

Bartending 101: 7 Tips and Tricks for Better Drinks and Service

  To be a successful bartender, you need more than just an in-depth knowledge of mixing drinks. While your level of skill and ability to memorize hundreds of drink recipes is important, you also need personality and attitude. As a bartender, you will find yourself in the center of a crowd of people all simultaneouslyContinue reading “Bartending 101: 7 Tips and Tricks for Better Drinks and Service”

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