Menu Trends and Promotion Ideas for Winter 2022

We’re leaving the cool breeze of fall and into the cold, crisp air of winter. Some may say they hate the cold, but they love what the season brings: joy and cozy, comfort foods. In this blog, we’re here to help you plan out the best and wholesome meals for the winter your guests will love.

Winter is known as the season of celebration and the best time to overindulge in rich meals and comfort foods. However, there are more ways for you to bring in more customers and kick-start your restaurant’s profitability.

Healthy alternatives

According to Unilever Food Solutions, Chef Dana suggested that wholesome food pairings will be trending in the next few months. Although winter is the time when most people like to overindulge in their favorite comfort foods, some of your guests may be looking to get a jump on healthy comfort meals.

Chef Dana mentioned some of her favorite meals you can include in your updated winter menu, such as harissa-braised lamb shank with carrot puree and anise-scented yogurt and crispy skinned lemon chicken with smashed chickpeas and braised rainbow chard

Chef Rob suggested that winter salads are another way to satisfy guests looking for healthier alternatives for the winter. Some ingredients to use in your restaurant’s winter salads could include collard greens massaged in vinaigrette until wilted, walnuts, cashews, preserves, and cardamom.

Festive flavors

Include festive flavors like cinnamon, gingerbread, mixed spices, turkey, ham, cranberry, and nutty flavors. Every year, many people look forward to seasonal drinks and food items, so join in on the trend and ramp up your profits during the holiday season.

Coffee and Tea

Offer guests a gingerbread espresso martini to pair with braised meat or a roast or offer hot apple cider and ginger tea in your holiday menu.

Restaurant Winter Promotion Ideas

Loyalty ideas

Create a “nice list” reward program for the holiday season for repeat customers. These coupons can be used in the form of digital advent calendars where customers can get a discount or small rewards every day until December 31st.

Use the menu trends listed above to form a seasonal menu for guests. Holiday-ready menus always attract large crowds, and it is a great way to gain new customers. This is always a great opportunity to offer new guests that visit your restaurant a discount on their order if they visit again, or a catering coupon to use.

Promote catering

During the holidays, some people may not want to spend all day in the kitchen to prep for a large crowd of friends and family. Therefore, catering can help boost your restaurant’s profit for the holiday season. Add a twist to your catering menu and offer seasonal catering items.

Gift Cards

“35% of people who do get a gift card will splurge on a more expensive order, making gift cards truly the gift that keeps giving.”1 Gift cards are also a great incentive to give out to new catering customers or new visiting customers.

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