Overview and Trends of Pizzerias in 2023

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Pizza Today, the leading magazine for pizzeria owners and operators, released its annual State of the Pizzeria Industry Report, which provides pizza professionals with a deep dive report of pizzeria insights, issues, and trends for 2023. Moreover, Pizza Today surveyed 750 pizzeria owners from all 50 states to comprehensively understand the pizza industry. Today, we provide an overview of pizzerias and current pizza trends.

Pizza is King

The report states that “pizza, as a percentage of food sales, is 80% higher in nearly half of the pizzerias (48.6%).” Salads are the second most-offered menu item next to pizza, with 86.8%.

In addition, the pizzeria industry continues to thrive. It is expected to increase by another $42.2 million in the next two years. This increase in sales can be attributed to factors such as the growing popularity of plant-based toppings. Pizza is also a convenient and popular food item for many, especially here in America.

overview of the pizza industry in 2023, overview of pizza industry, pizza is king

Regarding popular pizza styles and pizza trends, New York-style pizza will always remain the most popular pizza style, and Chicago thin or thin-crusted pizzas. The report mentioned keeping a lookout for these three pizza styles: Detroit, Deep Dish, and Sicilian.

As always, technology plays an important role in the pizza industry. Online ordering and delivery play an essential role in pizzerias. The same applies to point-of-sale (POS) systems and kitchen automation. Robots have already been installed in restaurants like The Slice Factory in the Chicago area.” PizzaHQ in New Jersey has a one-store operation with human pizza makes working alongside an automated pizza station from Picnic.”1 Lastly, pizza vending machines like PizzaForno, are taking a different approach and are positioning automated pizzerias in areas like college campuses and hospitals. According to the report, this trend will accelerate in the coming years.

Independents Remain Strong

During the height of COVID-19, the survey found that the top three concept segments include Casual Dining, Fast Casual, Build-to-Order and Carryout/Delivery. The market segments up to 89% of the independent pizzeria market.

In 2022, independent pizzerias had an overall 10.24% increase in sales while chains saw a slight drop in 1.5% of their sales, according to CHD Expert. Independents began to add more units compared to chains during 2020-2022, resulting in over 4,000 more independent pizzerias compared to over 200 new chain pizza restaurants. Among the independent operation respondents surveyed, 27% operated two to nine units, and 73% operated a single unit.

Independent Pizza restaurants, independent pizzerias in 2023, overview of independent pizzerias, independent pizzeria trends

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