Beer Education and Consulting with Brewgasm

Goliath Consulting Group is excited to announce our newest alliance:

Anne Fitten Glenn is going to be conducting beer education classes and beer tastings in the Atlanta area.  Glenn will also be assisting Goliath with consulting to restaurants on building craft beer lists that compliment the restaurant’s menu.

Anne Fitten Glenn (aka Brewgasm) is the beer columnist for Asheville’s newsweekly and a regular contributor to She’s also a certified Cicerone beer server and home brewer, who has developed and teaches beer education classes for both servers and the general beer-loving public. Glenn has a biweekly radio spot discussing beer. She also frequently presents at beer dinners, tastings, festivals, and conferences. Find her on-line at and on Facebook and Twitter under the same handle.

Here’s a description of her Beer 101 class for servers:

Knowing beer to sell beer: educating your staff so they can best sell beer, increasing both sales and tips

Most restaurant and bar owners understand that offering a diverse beer list, including a variety of locally made craft beers, can increase their profits (Asheville’s Moe’s BBQ increased beer sales by 300 percent in less than six months after diversifying their beer selection).

But the most well-intentioned beer list can fail if servers don’t know how to sell it. Servers need to understand beer styles and characteristics to discuss the drink with increasingly beer-savvy customers. They also need to know which beers are brewed locally to satisfy beer tourists showing up for a taste.

This Beer 101 course covers beer styles, beer serving etiquette, classic beer and food pairing ideas and more. Glenn has taught the class to groups as small as five and as large as 30. When she teaches in small groups in specific restaurants, she talks to owners and managers beforehand to figure out what they most need their servers to learn and understand about beer.

After taking the class, servers can go on-line and take Glenn’s short Beer 101 exam. If they pass with 70 percent or higher, they can call themselves Certified Beer Servers.

Cost is typically $10 per person per hour, with a $100 minimum. Depending on the size of the group, the class runs 2 to 3 hours (typically 2 hours for individual restaurant consults).

Contact Glenn for more information at

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