How can Reputation Management help your business?

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is a tool that measures your online visibility and alerts you every time your business is reviewed or mentioned online. It gives you the opportunity to understand what potential clients are saying about you, how you compare to your competition and a confirmation that you are listed online properly wherever buyers are looking.

How can Reputation Management help your business?

1. You’ll find out where your business is listed online and you’ll acquire a better understanding of how your Google ranking can be affected by your business listings.

If your listing on a particular site is missing or inaccurate, we provide step-by-step instructions so you can easily update or add your info.

2. You’ll be informed whenever you are mentioned online (i.e. reviews sites, mentions from Twitter, Facebook pages, blogs, and local forums). Reviewing these mentions will help you gain valuable insights into how people think and talk about your business – what things you’re doing well and how you can improve.

3. You can connect Reputation Management to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare accounts so you can track the growth of your audience.

When you have something to talk about – a promotion, a new item in stock, or a flattering piece of publicity – you can also use our Social Publishing feature to share it with your fans on all the major social networks at once.

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Bassetts Ice Cream Now Available in Atlanta

At Goliath Consulting Group we keep an eye out for unique brands that standout and add equity to our clients.  Bassetts is one of those brands.  Established in 1861 Bassetts is the oldest ice cream company in the US.  It’s a high-quality premium product that is in the best restaurants up and down the east coast.  For more information visit the Bassetts website.

Here is a fact sheet on Bassetts products:  Bassetts Flash Sheet

Direct contact:  Brian Bebee  |   Bassetts Ice Cream Company  |  1211 Chestnut Street Suite 410  |  Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-864-2771 office  |  215-864-2766 fax

Business and Financial Planning with INTERACT Restaurant Model

Business and financial plans are not something that a great number of independent restaurant operators spend time or money on prior to opening their restaurants.  We believe that financial plans must be completed before buying property or leasing a space for a new restaurant.  Why?  Because when you “run the numbers” some locations are not feasible financially.  Not enough seats, high development cost and not enough capital are just some of the reasons restaurants fail after opening.

Using a financial modeling tool and doing due diligence before moving forward with a location helps insure the future success of the restaurant.  Financial modeling is just one piece of the puzzle in developing a restaurant, but it’s a critical one you can’t do without.

Here is information directly from the INTERACT BUSINESS MODELS website on the INTERACT Restaurant Model tool:

The INTERACT Restaurant Model© is a financial operating tool developed expressly for restaurants.

In addition to all the capabilities of theINTERACT Model© it manages functions unique to Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Fast Casual and QSR units. It seamlessly integrates multiple units and a mix of restaurant concepts.

You can use your own chart of accounts or the uniform system of accounts for restaurants.

Its reports are designed for tracking sales, cost of sales and expenses in formats necessary for maximizing restaurant profitability.

 For more information on the Restaurant Model click on the link below.

 INTERACT Restaurant Model©


For more information on how Goliath Consulting Group can guide you through the successful opening of your next restaurant.

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Beer Education and Consulting with Brewgasm

Goliath Consulting Group is excited to announce our newest alliance:

Anne Fitten Glenn is going to be conducting beer education classes and beer tastings in the Atlanta area.  Glenn will also be assisting Goliath with consulting to restaurants on building craft beer lists that compliment the restaurant’s menu.

Anne Fitten Glenn (aka Brewgasm) is the beer columnist for Asheville’s newsweekly and a regular contributor to She’s also a certified Cicerone beer server and home brewer, who has developed and teaches beer education classes for both servers and the general beer-loving public. Glenn has a biweekly radio spot discussing beer. She also frequently presents at beer dinners, tastings, festivals, and conferences. Find her on-line at and on Facebook and Twitter under the same handle.

Here’s a description of her Beer 101 class for servers:

Knowing beer to sell beer: educating your staff so they can best sell beer, increasing both sales and tips

Most restaurant and bar owners understand that offering a diverse beer list, including a variety of locally made craft beers, can increase their profits (Asheville’s Moe’s BBQ increased beer sales by 300 percent in less than six months after diversifying their beer selection).

But the most well-intentioned beer list can fail if servers don’t know how to sell it. Servers need to understand beer styles and characteristics to discuss the drink with increasingly beer-savvy customers. They also need to know which beers are brewed locally to satisfy beer tourists showing up for a taste.

This Beer 101 course covers beer styles, beer serving etiquette, classic beer and food pairing ideas and more. Glenn has taught the class to groups as small as five and as large as 30. When she teaches in small groups in specific restaurants, she talks to owners and managers beforehand to figure out what they most need their servers to learn and understand about beer.

After taking the class, servers can go on-line and take Glenn’s short Beer 101 exam. If they pass with 70 percent or higher, they can call themselves Certified Beer Servers.

Cost is typically $10 per person per hour, with a $100 minimum. Depending on the size of the group, the class runs 2 to 3 hours (typically 2 hours for individual restaurant consults).

Contact Glenn for more information at

Exciting Christmas Dining Options

Do you plan to eat out Christmas Day or picking up a few items to complete your special Christmas dinner?  Here are a few options around town that offer some traditional, exotic and authentic dining fair.  You don’t have to go Waffle House this year if you don’t want too!

FuegoMundo is offering a Latin inspired Brunch from 11 am to 3 pm that you won’t find anywhere else.  Here are few of the specialties offered on this special menu:

~Grilled Steak, Rice & Eggs (Bistec a Caballo) Two Eggs over easy, Uruguayan Ribeye, Spanish Rice & Sweet Plantains

~Jalapeño Potato Pancakes FuegoMundo’s signature Latkes w/ non-dairy sour cream & side of homemade salsa. Not too spicy!

~Sweet Apricot Pastelito

Mrs. Winner’s Chicken and Biscuits in Stockbridge is offering Cajun Fried Turkeys and all the traditional sides for pickup on Christmas Day.

For something a bit more exotic, make reservations for dinner at Imperial Fez Moroccan Restaurant.  Take a trip to Morocco for the evening complete with belly dancing, world-class Moroccan cuisine and in an authentic dining room.

Happy Holidays!

FuegoMundo: Premier Kosher Restaurant in the US

FuegoMundo has set itself apart in being a Kosher Latin American restaurant, the only one in the US.  Travelers from around the country have visited the restaurant and declare that it is the best Kosher restaurant they have been to – hands down!  In addition, diners eat in an elegant, well-designed dining room with an exhibition kitchen and wood-fire grill.

The recipes and cuisine are straight from South America with a focus on healthy, flavorful food.  Many dishes are gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan.  All dishes are dairy-free and Kosher.

Here is what’s going on at FuegoMundo in December:

In the FuegoMundo Newsletter get updates on Entertainment, Weekly Specials and Hanukah Latkes.

FuegoMundo is open every Holiday in December  including Hanukah, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Eve Celebration:  Enjoy FuegoMundo’s Special 5-course dinner & live music & entertainment in a Smoke-Free world class environment, 9 PM – 1 AM.  Only $129/couple.

Fuego Mundo is located just north of Atlanta, Georgia in Sandy Springs, The Prado shopping center.

5590 Roswell Road
Suite # A120
Sandy Springs, GA 30342
Ph: 404-256-4330

Owners Udi Hershkovitz and Masha Hleap-Hershkovitz

Supporting the Atlanta Community Food Bank

The Atlanta Community Food Bank is a remarkable charity organization located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Entering the holiday season, many look to the Atlanta Community Food Bank(ACFB) to provide food and other services to help those less fortunate.  Corporations, restaurants and other small business  in the Atlanta area find ways to contribute through fund-raising and food drives to help the ACFB carry out its mission.

Support the ACFB and partnering restaurants/businesses this holiday season.  Let’s make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate in North Georgia.  If you don’t live in the area, support Feeding America.

Here’s an overview of the Atlanta Community Food Bank taken from their website:

Founded in 1979, the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) currently distributes nearly two million pounds of food and other donated grocery items each month to more than 700 nonprofit partner agencies in 38 counties in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

ACFB supports a wide range of people in need, from children to the working poor. Food pantries, community kitchens, childcare centers, night shelters and senior centers are among the agencies that receive product from the Food Bank and provide food and other critical resources for low-income Georgians who suffer from hunger and food insecurity. The Food Bank also operates several community projects to aid our agencies in community building, technical assistance and advocacy efforts.

The Food Bank has a number of projects that enhance our core work of food distribution and help build community. These include The Atlanta Prosperity CampaignAtlanta’s TableCommunity GardensHunger 101Hunger Walk/RunKids In Need, and the Product Rescue Center.

Click on a logo to learn about a project of the Food Bank

It’s Quality at the End that Counts

Have you ever had a catered meal that just wasn’t up to par?  A carry out meal that when you got it home just wasn’t what you expected?  It’s about quality at the end that counts.

This week I have been to several catered events and tastings.  One was actually by a caterer, another by a local restaurant.  The core ingredients were high quality.  The preparation techniques were solid.  The difference was a focus on delivering a quality product.  In one event, there was a temporary kitchen on site to prepare items because that’s what it took to deliver a quality finished product at consumption.  This brand was well represented with staff on hand to serve and describe the product as well.  The quality of the product that the guests received was representative of the brand’s reputation.

In another event, the product was prepared off site and delivered to the event.  In this case, the finished product quality was far lower than expected at consumption.  But they used high quality ingredients.  The company dropped off the product earlier in the day for a third-party to serve.  The brand here was also looking to introduce their product to potential customers.  They fell short.

So how do you know what the right preparation and delivery is for your products?

1.  Start at the end.  How and where will the product be delivered to the consumer.  Are there facilities to properly hold warm or cold items?  Is there an area to finish or prepare product?  Do you have someone on your staff available to stay at the event until all food is gone?

2.  Test the food items in the environment.  How long does the product maintain its integrity?

3.  Plan the menu based on your findings.

4.  Have someone attend the event to make sure the product is delivered in a quality manner and your brand message is delivered.

5.  Talk to guests and make sure they are satisfied.

Keep the focus on the delivering a quality product with a quality experience.  It sounds easy but takes preparation and extra effort in many cases.  The extra effort pays off in maintaining the integrity of the brand and gaining new customers.  Make sure the quality at the end meets your expectations.


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